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Teruel: Spain's best‑kept secret & Albarracin (TBD)

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In front of Mestalla Stadium, Av. Aragon side.

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About the trip


Are you ready for some typical Spanish sightseeing? We are going to Teruel and Albarracin!

Teruel is a fantastic city to visit in the south of the Aragón region. You can enjoy its interesting museums, unique Mudejar-style architecture, delicious gastronomy and other things.

Why should you visit Teruel?

Teruel Cathedral. This cathedral is part of the four churches recognized by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Site Mudejar Architecture of Aragon. This ancient cathedral was built in the 12th century in the ornate Mudejar style. Therefore, it is one of the best examples of this type of architecture in Spain.

🌉 The Los Arcos Aqueduct of Teruel. This aqueduct carried water to the city centre during the period of the Roman Empire. It still exists today as a medieval showpiece. Today the city still has several buildings from this time period.

🐂  Plaza del Torico. El Torico is a small statue of a tiny bull. It is located in the town’s main square, the Plaza del Torico. El Torico is Teruel’s good luck symbol, so you cannot miss out on seeing this statue when you visit Teruel.

🗼La Torre de El Salvador. This tower is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tower is a major attraction amongst the Mudejar-style architectural patrimony of Teruel.

🏛️ La Escalinata. This might just be the most impressive monument in the city with its steps. La Escalinata was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the neomudejar style. It reminds you of the modernist architecture which you can see in Barcelona, like the building of Hospital de Sant Pau.

🔔 Iglesia de San Pedro. This is St. Pedro’s Church. It reflects several different architectural time periods. The Tower of the church was built of bricks in which pieces of ceramic were embedded. Because of that, it is definitely worth checking out the tiles on the exterior and the magnificent altar from the Renaissance period.

⛲ Escalinata del Óvalo. The stairs of Óvalo are part of the most beautiful sights of the city. The stairs somewhat resemble the same architectural style of the Plaza de España in Seville.

🌹 Teruel Lovers Mausoleum. This is the most visited attraction in the city, because of the love story between Diego and Isabel. They were protagonists of a beautiful and legendary love story, No Lover Should Miss, a well-known story in Spain.

Why should you visit Albarracin?

🌆 Albarracin, which is located in the western of Teruel, is a tiny village that seems to come from a fairy tale and which, if we listen to the Spanish inhabitants, is the prettiest town in the entire country.

🏞️ This spectacular and impressive Historical Site is perched on a rocky hill surrounded by a fantastic medieval wall which, in perfect condition, climbs the rock in an unforgettable natural environment.

🏢 Albarracín has been a National Monument since 1961. This amazing town has everything a visitor could wish for as it contains an impressively preserved old town centre.

🏰 Alcázar, a medieval fortified castle from the Taifa period that was built in the eleventh century. You can also see the Cathedral of San Salvador, from the 16th century, the old Episcopal Palace, the Church of Santa María and the Plaza Mayor with its town hall.

🍖 A great reason to visit Teruel and Albarracín is its food. In particular, naturally curing legs of ham—jamón de Teruel, the gazpacho, the oxtail stew and the delicious Arabian doughnuts stand out.

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9:00 Meeting Point Mestalla Stadium av. Aragón
9.00 - 11 Bus from Valencia to Teruel
11.00 - 12.00 Guided tour in Teruel
12.30 - 16:00 free time and lunchtime
16.00 - 17.10 bus from Teruel to Albarracín
17.10 - 18.00 walking tour in Albarracín
18.00 - 19.20 free time in Albarracín
19.30 - 21.45 back to Mestalla Stadium





Please check the forecast before you go, because the weather in Aragon is colder then in Valencia.

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