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Peñiscola & Coves of Sant Josep (TBD)

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In front of Mestalla Stadium, Av. Aragon side.

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About the trip


Have you watched the well-known series 🐉 Game of Thrones and are you, just like us, obsessed?! You are in luck as we will visit the city where several scenes have been shot. Game of Thrones is not the only series which used Peñíscola as a shooting location, there are lots of 🎬 movies and series shot in this amazing city and this is obviously for a clear reason…

The breathtaking town of 🏙️ Peñíscola has officially been chosen as The Most Beautiful Town In Spain. When you visit the city with us, you will most probably agree. What you will not notice immediately is that the city lies within castle and city walls, while rising 64 meters above the 🌊 azure blue sea. It has beautiful stone streets from lots of centuries ago but at the same time a lot of tiny shops. The perfect balance between old and new.

The most remarkable feature of Peñíscola must be its castle. Once Pope Benedict XIII, known as Pope Luna, was once located at this castle. Peñíscola was one of the only three papel seats in the entire history. The other cities were Aviñon in 🇫🇷 France and Rome in 🇮🇹 Italy.

But, before we visit Peñiscula we will go to explore one of Valencia´s most spectacular natural environments 🏞️ Coves de Sant Josep. We will go on a boat trip on Europe's longest navigable underground river where we will get into the depths of the earth on a small boat 🛶 and view some of the natural formations.

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