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Hiking in Cala Moraig & Moraira (TBD)

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In front of Mestalla Stadium, Av. Aragon side.

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About the trip


Let’s go on a road trip in the Costa Blanca! It is a route of 7 caves. We will also visit Moraira!

Blue is the first color you think about when you talk about Costa Blanca. The beautiful Mediterranean Sea bathes 244 kilometers of beaches which are all extraordinary! But the coastline of the Costa Blanca is not just these beaches, but also the mountains that overlook it. Costa Blanca has a wide range of mountains, lakes, caves, and natural parks. The perfect natural hideaway!

Join our trip and enjoy the beauty of the Costa Blanca. We will be hiking along stunning coves and beaches. After, we will visit Moraig Falla en Benitatxell and have a picnic there with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains.

When we finish hiking, we will visit the charming town of Moraira. It is a small town in the Alicante area with white beaches. This is what gave the Costa Blanca (white coast) its name! It is truly like a paradise. But this is not everything yet, there is even more! There is a castle by the sea, on the top of the rocks while the urban area is located on a top of a mountain.

Beach caves we will see during the trip:

  • Cova dels Arcs. One of the most spectacular geological formations of the route. The Cave dels Arcs is located at the entrance of Cala Moraig. This cave carved by the sea is one of the best examples of drainage of a karstic system that has gone from continental or coastal conditions to underwater.

  • Cova de Moraig. Another beautiful cave located in the area of Moraig beach. The Moraig Caves are situated along various cliffs. These sandstone cliffs alone provide great views.

  • Cova del Morro del Bou. Built with dry-stone encloses a natural cavity, leaving an opening to enter.

  • Cova Toni el Senyalat is one of the most extensive dimensions of dry Stone.

  • Cova les Morretes is located at the base of the Cliff upon the Cala Moraig, using the natural cavity which was built caused by erosion.

  • Cova Domingo I´Abiar within walking distance of the previous one, by continuing the path towards the South, is still used by fishermen as a refuge.

  • Cala Llebeig. This beach will take you back to another era. The old fishermen's houses surround the cove a few meters from the shore, evoking other times, where these dwellings excavated into the walls of the Cove served as refuge to those who had their livelihood by the sea.

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Departure of Valencia: 10.00 am
Return to Valencia: 8.00 pm




* Private bus from Valencia to the beach caves and Moraira (round trip) * Professional Soy Erasmus Guide



Bring water, drinks whatever you want as we bath for several hours in the sea, bathing suit, towels, take away food, sports shoes, sand shoes. If you can wear goggles for water or snorkelling, it would be fine, and then you be able to see the goldfish and all the marine life of the place which is amazing. Take food and drinks, water for picnic.

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How can I pay?

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