Xativa Castle & hiking in Calpe

About the trip

By private bus, we will be going to Xativa. Xativa, a city famous for its castle 🏰, has been declared a national monument for its beauty and history. You will find the Xativa Castle on top of the Vernissa hill where you will have spectacular views of the city and mountains. When we get to the top of this hill, you will be able to take some great photos and explore the castle.

After this organised visit to the castle, we will have a picnic and you get to have some free time. Please, bring your own snacks from home 🍓🍇🍉

After this picnic we are going to Calpe and El Peñón de Ifach by bus. Once we arrive in Calpe, we will be able to enjoy some lunch to get enough energy for the next activity. Please bring your own food 🥐🥗

After the food, you will get to decide what you want to do. You can either join us to go hiking 🥾 for an hour on Calpe’s Peñón de Ifach and enjoy major views, or you can decided to enjoy free time in Calpe an hour early. Peñón de Ifach is a 332-meter high rock and is a designated national park.

After this, we will have free time in Calpe to visit amazing places before we take the bus back to Valencia 🚍