Hiking in Chelva & Ruta del agua

About the trip

Firstly, we will walk a circular route named Peña Cortada. The hiking route is around 12 km starting and ending in the village of Calles. The route passes through the town of Chelva. You don’t want to miss out on the spectacular views and breathtaking nature of this hike!

There are some interesting spots which we will come across.

📍 The Roman tunnels and viaduct

📍 Peña Cortada

📍 Roman aqueduct

📍 Arrabal mosque and Jewish quarter in Chelva

📍 Viewpoint on the water route

This is one of the few places in Spain where you can walk through carved tunnels, crevices, and bridges that were once built to maintain an entire Roman city. Later, in Peña Cortada, we will walk through one of the impressive Roman aqueducts, this one is the aqueduct of La Peña Cortada which is one of four main aqueducts of the Iberian Peñiscula. After Peña Cortada we will continue the route onto the small village of Chelva.

After Chelva we will hike to the river and follow the River Walk (Ruta del Agua). The “Water Route” is an enjoyable walk following the course of the river. While on this route, we will find beautiful waterfalls and a recreation area for the picnic.


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