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Iter Camino

Iter Camino is a Spanish language school located in Valencia, in the neighborhood of Beniferri.

Surrounded by a quiet environment (gardens and parks) and, at the same time, with good

communication with the city center by public transport.

Iter Camino´s team is made up of a group of great professionals and teachers with experience in

teaching Spanish as a foreign language and extensive experience in preparation for the DELE

and SIELE exams.

Iter Camino: Our methodology focuses on an action-based and a communicative approach, in order to

provide the student with skills and competencies that can be applied in real communication. Our

goal is that the student will be able to manage both linguistically and culturally in any speaking

situation. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of courses that adapt to the needs, age and

level of each student.

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