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Our Soy Erasmus story begins in 2011 when a small group of students and friends joined together to make their Erasmus year an unforgettable one. We are delighted to tell you that we did it. During our Erasmus year, we discovered many amazing places inside and outside of Spain. Visiting these places and experiencing their attractions immensely enriched our lives.

Our Erasmus experience also resulted in many new social connections. We met people from all over the world, formed new friendships, and enjoyed many exciting activities together. Somehow, these activities could never have meant so much had we done them on our own, without one another's company. We began our Erasmus adventure with six people; by its ending point, there were 50 people in our group. All these personalities together made for fun times.

At some point, the larger we began to grow, the more we realized that we had something truly special to share. So, in 2017, we created Soy Erasmus Company. We pooled our talent, an ever-growing base, to fill organizational jobs. We built an organization that is designed to bring travelers together to explore Spain--the real authentic Spain. Today, we are still doing what we love:

• Provide low-cost trips inside and outside Spain

• Organize social activities and meet-ups

Provide information about the best social events--parties and nightclubs--in the city of Valencia (and also provide great deals on drinks for Soy Erasmus participants)

Find the best deals for students with diverse interests in activities like: painting, yoga, cooking, and other classes

Negotiate deals for discounts with venues that are popular with students like restaurants, cafes, moto rental, hair salons, book stores, cinemas, and more. These discounts allow Erasmus students to save money while enjoying doing what they love to do

Rent bicycles and scooters at student-friendly prices

Soy Erasmus S.L. knows this concept is true: adventure is for everybody! International study experiences can benefit anyone and Soy Erasmus activities and services can benefit anyone too! Our mission is to help all those who share the Erasmus spirit to have an unforgettable time in the city of Valencia, a city that boasts a rich, magnificent history. Our vision is to witness the growth of our Erasmus family so that we can enrich other lives the ways ours have been enriched too.

Soy Erasmus S.L. travel agency licence number: CV-Mm2147-V

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